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New Construction Cabling Services in Midlothian, TX

Never take chances with new construction cabling services for your building project. Family Owned & Operated, Inc. knows that proper cabling is essential to avoid telecommunications problems down the road when construction has ended.

FO&O, Inc. provides new construction cabling services in Midlothian, TX, for construction projects. With specialized directional drilling and fiber optic work, we are clearly the company to count on.

Experience You Can Count On

When you call on FO&O, Inc. for new construction telecommunications installations, you tap into a company with the skills and experience you need. We’ve installed electrical components for many commercial and residential building projects. 

Old Cabling

The experts at FO&O, Inc. offer cabling upgrades and relocations. We can create a new cabling location for an existing building that will enhance the network cabling for your company’s computer networks and upgrade audio and video capabilities. 

Directional Drilling

In addition to cabling and new construction telecommunications, we excel at drilling, trenching, and boring. Directional drilling, broadly defined, is when a drilled hole does not proceed in a straight line. There are many reasons why directional drilling is necessary in urban areas, or where natural impediments make vertical drilling difficult.


Trenches large enough to securely hold your cabling are dug with ease. Our advanced trenchers can dig ditches from 24 to 60 inches deep and six to 12 inches wide. These channels can accommodate not only telecommunication cabling but also water and sewer lines, irrigation pipes and gas lines.

Fiber Optic Services

Fiber optic technology has made remarkable strides in recent years, and most infrastructure is rapidly moving away from copper wire to fiber optic cabling. FO&O, Inc. has fiber optic cabling experts. 

Fiber Optic Benefits

Fiber optic cables have very high carrying capacities with very low transmission loses. That means a more efficient service for you. They are not bothered by electromagnetic interference either. Today’s ever-growing computer network systems benefit from fiber optic cabling because of the speed of data transmission and heavy load-handling abilities.

FO&O, Inc. is the best choice for fiber optic installation. Our extensive experience in new construction cabling services, including excavation and drilling, make us the undisputed leaders in our field. Handling your cable installations and upgrades requires the best team for the job. Trust the professionals at FO&O, Inc. to handle your cabling requirements, tailoring them to suit your project. 

Contact us to learn more about our cabling installation and construction services. We proudly serve the Midlothian, TX, area.