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Trust all of your telecommunication cabling and digging needs to FO&O, Inc. With over 15 years of industry experience, our experts can help you with any construction job. We are highly trained and ensure that our finished work will meet not only your standards, but also those of industry. From directional drilling to coaxial cable installation, we do it all. Hire our OSHA-certified telecommunication contractors in Midlothian, Texas, today.

Quality Telecommunication Cabling Services

Proper cabling is a must if you want to avoid potential problems with telecommunication systems in the future. FO&O, Inc. is proud to be the local source for telecommunication cabling services in Midlothian, Texas. Whether we’re boring, excavating with a hydro vacuum, or performing a fiber optic cable installation, our team of technicians ensures that every job is performed the right way the very first time.

From new construction to total renovation, we’re the team to rely on when you’re having new cabling installed. When your cabling system is laid out by our professionals, you are able to enjoy fewer interruptions and less downtime. We understand how to install a fiber optic system that works with your location and needs, and are ready to impress you with the efficiency and effectiveness of our work.

Keeping Your Cables Safe

Aboveground cables are exposed to the elements, which can mean they are more likely to run into problems due to storms, animals, and other interference. Having your cables installed underground, however, helps to protect them for better performance and more longevity. Through our boring and installation services, you can rest easy knowing your cables are safer. Reach out to us to learn more about our cable installation services.

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Completing telecommunication construction projects for home and business owners comes easily to the experts of FO&O, Inc. Since 2003, we have helped clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area with the cabling, digging, and boring services.  Now, we want to assist you with reliable telecommunication cabling services. Our team in Midlothian, Texas, has the skills to dig trenches, install conduits, provide coaxial cable installation, and more.

The President of our company, Derrick Norwood Jr., will make sure that we complete quality work for you. Like his father, Martin Derrick Norwood, Sr., Mr. Norwood has many years of telecommunication experience. He has used this expertise to make our family-owned company a success.

Since taking over the business from his dad, Mr. Norwood and his partner Jason Martinez have taken our services to the next level. The duo has also carried on with the family values that our telecommunication contractors have operated by since the very beginning.


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